The Top Souvenirs to Get When You’re in Thailand

Many travelers devote some of their time and luggage space on souvenirs for themselves and gifts to bring home to their family and friends. Indeed, one of the most important things upon returning from a holiday is reuniting with your loved ones and giving them a token of your travels.

souvenir shopping
Go shopping for a perfect souvenir in Thailand

One of the world’s most exotic countries, Thailand, is a true shopper’s paradise. It’s easy to find a wide variety of gifts that will please your family, buddies, and co-workers. In fact, the most difficult aspect of souvenir hunting in this country is finding the time to explore the numerous markets, huge malls, and street stalls you’ll find here. Continue reading “The Top Souvenirs to Get When You’re in Thailand”

Where to Stay While Backpacking in Thailand

With beautiful beaches, lush jungles, and a nightlife scene that cannot be compared to any other, Thailand is an ideal tropical destination for adventure, romance, and excitement.

Backpackers in Thailand

Thailand has often been called the world’s greatest backpacker hub, and for many good reasons. On every street corner and on every island, you can sit down and get a meal that will fire up your taste buds (in a good way) for a very cheap price. You can see a bunch of ladyboys and “working ladies” pass by orange-clad Buddhist monks while tuktuk drivers and hawker stall minders try to call your attention as they hope to make a few more baht before heading home. It’s this mix of multi-sensory stimulation that entices more and more people to head to the county and explore it, not through a pre-packaged tour, but on their own terms. Continue reading “Where to Stay While Backpacking in Thailand”

The Bargain Hunter’s Guide to Shopping in Bangkok

I admit it: I am a sucker for a good bargain, and nothing sets my pulse racing faster than being in another country to scour the markets and bazaars for good finds. Nothing makes me go cross-eyed with boredom faster than shopping at a mall. Sure, it’s clean. Sure, it’s air-conditioned. And it’s all so orderly and neat. But where’s the fun in that? For me, the whole experience of bargain hunting calls for some serious haggling in loud and chaotic places that would make a Stepford wife shudder. Add to that some grazing on questionably sanitary but seriously delicious street food while I shop, and you’ll understand the way I roll when it comes to my shopping habits.

bangkok shopping
Go shopping in Bangkok

I am known among my friends as the queen of the bazaar, and I am proud to say that I have never left one empty handed, or without some fascinating tale to share with my pals. Like that one time I went to the souk in Marrakech and got invited to almost every stall to view the goods and drink some mint tea. By the end of the day I walked out of the souk with more than two dozen purchases, among them a tea set, from which I will drink any kind of tea except mint. To this day I can still taste the tea whenever someone mentions Marrakech. Continue reading “The Bargain Hunter’s Guide to Shopping in Bangkok”

A Guide to Bangkok Nightlife

From all-night party clubs to relaxing beach bars, Bangkok offers a good mix of nightlife options. Many locals choose to drink bottles on the side street, most of them choosing to plop down on a bench while nibbling on street food rather than spending money in a bar just to get buzzed. Others choose to sit outside their front door with a couple of buddies and hang out for the night. But as a tourist, you’ll probably want something different, a bit more exciting and exotic than a night spent chugging a beer at someone’s home. The good thing is that Bangkok is very much a party town, and if it’s a good time that you want, then it’s a good time that you’ll get here.

night club
Nightlife at Bangkok

Bangkok comes to life at night, and the parties that go on after dark are legendary. The options span a wide range of tastes and budgets. One night, you can get your groove on at a dance party, and on another night you could chill out on a rooftop bar. The city is buzzing seven days a week, with world-famous super clubs and underground haunts attracting revelers from every corner of the world. The city’s drinking scene also continues to evolve, as it seems like almost every month a new bar opens in Bangkok. Continue reading “A Guide to Bangkok Nightlife”

The Trendiest and Most Affordable Gadgets from AIS

Advanced Info Service PLC or AIS is Thailand’s largest mobile phone operator with over 35 million customers as of the fourth quarter of 2013. Not bad for a company that started out as a computer rental business. In addition to post-paid services, AIS offers prepaid services under the 12Call brand.

 logo of AIS
AIS company logo

Aside from good service and having a great signal anywhere in Thailand, one of the main advantages of being an AIS subscriber is having access to the trendiest gadgets in the market. Their postpaid plans offer the latest phones and tablets, as well as the exclusive AIS phones. But you don’t have to spend a lot to get a great gadget. If you want to make sure that what you’ll get is an affordable yet oh-so-worth-it phone or tablet, here’s a look at the coolest and most inexpensive gadgets from AIS. Continue reading “The Trendiest and Most Affordable Gadgets from AIS”

Why Expats Love Bangkok

Thailand is a tropical paradise, a place that people from colder climates often dream about, where one can live in lightweight clothing all year round while basking in the sun. Bangkok has been increasingly known as a top expat destination. Despite the traffic jams, sweltering heat, and complicated language, many expats who come here have never left because life was so good for them here. Though at first it can be quite a challenge to live in any foreign country, in a short time, Bangkok starts to feel like home to a lot of people because of its vibe and friendly locals. Here are all the reasons why expats love Bangkok.

Beautiful Bangkok

The Variety of Restaurants and Cost of Street Food

Most homesick expats who are trying to get to know the Thai culture would often love to have a taste of food from their home country from time to time. So even though the exotic fare of Thailand is without a doubt scrumptious, sometimes the palate craves for something familiar. That’s why it’s good that there are tons of Western restaurants in Bangkok that offer the real thing, unlike Continue reading “Why Expats Love Bangkok”

The New Generation Consumers of Thailand

A recent survey done by a top advertising agency in Thailand has shown that young consumers are ready to embrace new trends and technology, but can be careful spenders and want all their purchases to be successful. This study, named Generation Asia, was conducted to understand the change in consumers’ attitude and behavior in several fields such as automobiles, beauty, communication, education, entertainment, fashion, money, food, health, kids, luxury, and so on. In Thailand, the online survey had 1,500 respondents aged between 18 and 35. The key findings showed that the new generation consumers can be divided into five groups: Ambitious Achievers, Confident Providers, Zesty Lifers, Social Strivers and Reserved Dreamers.

go shopping
Spending money on shopping

Here’s a closer look at each group to know more about their Internet and mobile phone usage habits, spending habits and general outlook in different aspects of life.

Continue reading “The New Generation Consumers of Thailand”

The Best Places in Thailand for a Honeymoon

Thailand is a dream destination if you’re planning a honeymoon or just want a romantic getaway in an exotic location. A lot of people who go to Thailand still choose to head to the beaches, and there are certainly numerous nice ones here. But if you’re looking for something a little more different, there are other wonderful places in Thailand that are off the beaten path. There are so many choices that will please everybody, and it might even take you a while to decide where to go first and what to do next.

Honeymoon in Thailand

Here, I’ve put together an itinerary for the perfect Thailand honeymoon, which has a little of everything—relaxation, adventure, shopping, and more. Simply take your pick between two popular Thai destinations, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Continue reading “The Best Places in Thailand for a Honeymoon”

Which Mobile Phone from Truemove H is Right for You?

Most people subscribe to a mobile network provider because of its good reputation and good service. Others sign up because of the freebies, especially the phones. Who wouldn’t want the latest model anyway? Just as soon as you’re getting used to your brand new phone, out comes the new version, which looks better and supposedly, works better. What’s a person to do?

mobile phones
Smart Phones

To prevent buyer’s remorse, a good rule of thumb when it comes to selecting gadgets is to see if the features will make any sense to a person’s lifestyle. First, you have to figure out your needs. Do you need a phone that has a large screen, a small screen, or an actual keyboard? Perhaps you need to be online constantly, or you need to snap awesome pictures with the built-in camera? Continue reading “Which Mobile Phone from Truemove H is Right for You?”

The Top Kid-Friendly Places to Visit in Bangkok

Several things come to mind whenever Bangkok is mentioned (such as bars and gorgeous lady-boys, among others) and nightlife, clubbing, and definitely all kinds of shenanigans happen after dark in this playground for adults. But that doesn’t mean that kids can’t have a good time in the city too!


travel with kids
Visit Bangkok with your kids

There are many activities and attractions that are perfectly kid-friendly in Bangkok. And if you’re travelling with children in tow, it’s good to be on the lookout for family-friendly places where you can stay. The Holiday Inn in Bangkok is one of the most popular hotels for families. Here, you can even request to stay in a Kid Suite, which comes with a Playstation. The Banyan Tree Hotel is the most luxurious place that you can stay in while on vacation. Cribs and infant beds are free of charge, and best of all, they offer babysitting services just in case the grownups want to get away for a few hours. Continue reading “The Top Kid-Friendly Places to Visit in Bangkok”