Which Mobile Phone from Truemove H is Right for You?

Most people subscribe to a mobile network provider because of its good reputation and good service. Others sign up because of the freebies, especially the phones. Who wouldn’t want the latest model anyway? Just as soon as you’re getting used to your brand new phone, out comes the new version, which looks better and supposedly, works better. What’s a person to do?

mobile phones
Smart Phones

To prevent buyer’s remorse, a good rule of thumb when it comes to selecting gadgets is to see if the features will make any sense to a person’s lifestyle. First, you have to figure out your needs. Do you need a phone that has a large screen, a small screen, or an actual keyboard? Perhaps you need to be online constantly, or you need to snap awesome pictures with the built-in camera?

Next, you have to choose an operating system. As of this writing, there are four main smart phone operating systems: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Each of these operating systems have their own specialized features. The choice is definitely up to you and how comfortable you are with the OS that you’ll choose.

If you prefer iOS, you would have to get an iPhone as it’s the only phone that runs on this system, and Apple has exclusive rights to it. Android, on the other hand, was developed by Google and this operating system runs on a majority of new phones. Blackberry’s OS was made by a Canadian company and may lack some of the features that Android and iOS have to offer. And last but not least, Windows Phone by Microsoft is the only OS that uses Live Tiles, so instead of shortcuts and a notification tray, your homepage display will have moving information or graphics.

Next, consider the features that you’ll want in your phone. Though employees at stores have adequate knowledge about the product, they won’t usually take your needs into serious consideration. It’s better if you know what you want from your gadget before you start shopping.

Here are the features that you should be looking for in a phone or gadget:

  • An up to date OS

If you’re getting an iPhone, make sure that it’s running on at least 4S or a 4, if you can get a 5 that’s even better. For an Android phone, it has to be an Android 4.0 version. If you prefer a Windows Phone, make sure it has Windows 7.5. And for Blackberry fans, make sure it’s a BB7 device. A phone that’s running on a current OS will prolong the life of your phone when it comes to its compatibility with future updates and new apps. Also, you won’t have to replace your phone as often as you would if it was running on a really old OS.

  •  A decent camera

Well, you’d certainly want a phone with a good quality camera if you take lots of pictures every day, selfies not included. For now, the leading mobile phone brands that have good cameras are Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Apple.

  •  Battery Life

You can ask about this or look it up online. Take note that battery life gets worse over time. If your phone cannot make it through the day on a single charge, then expect that it’s going to be worse in 12 months.

  •  Screen and Phone size

Apart from the size of the screen, you’ll need to pay attention to the resolution. You want at least 800 x 480 pixels for your screen to get clear, sharp pictures and vivid colors. The best is a phone with 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, so if you can get that, do so. You won’t regret it.

Make sure that you can actually hold your phone comfortably. If you like a phone that has about a 5 inch screen, then that’s well and good. Nowadays, bigger is definitely better. Keep in mind that trends do change every 8 months or so when it comes to mobile phones and tablets, so it’s possible that new smart phones could be smaller.

  •  Dual Core Processor

Since you’ll be using your phone to call, text, take pictures, watch movies and videos, you’ll definitely be better off with a phone that has a dual core processor, since it will have a longer shelf life than a phone with a single core processor. Most Android and iOS devices already come with a dual core processor.

  •  Internal Storage and space for a Micro SD

Though this is not necessarily a must-have, having space for a Micro SD is great if you like to listen to a lot of music or if you want to fill up your phone with other kinds of data. A good phone will have at least 8GB of internal storage, but if you can amp up the memory with a 16 to 32GB Micro SD card, that’s even better.

After you’ve picked your phone, now it’s time to choose a plan. Truemove H has numerous plans to fit your budget and lifestyle, so choose your talk time, text plan, and data plan. Now you’re all set!

Truemove H has lots of choices when it comes to mobile phones, but from all the dazzling picks, I decided to choose one iOS, an Android device, and a Blackberry to review.

1. Brand: Samsung Galaxy S4
OS:     Android 4.2
Price:  17,900 baht (from Truemove H)

Samsung Galaxy

This phone has a 5-inch screen, and is 7.99 mm thick, so although you have a bigger screen than your average phone, it’s very easy to wrap your hand around the whole device. It has Micro SD and Micro SIM slots, and it has an internal memory of 16 to 32 GB, depending on the type of phone you get. Screen resolution is 1,920 x 1,080, and images are crystal-clear. It’s equipped with a rear camera and a front-facing cam, so taking pictures is a cinch. But the most notable feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Smart Scroll. The front facing camera detects your eyes and tracks the movement of your head. Tilt your head up, and the screen scrolls up; tilt your head down, and the screen scrolls down. Neat, isn’t it? Perfect if you have to read a text message while, say, eating lobster, just because you can’t do that with one hand.

2. Brand: iPhone 5S
OS:  iOS
Price: 23,900 Baht for the 16GB phone; 27,500 Baht for the 32GB; 30,900 for the 64GB


At first, the iPhone 5S looks like the iPhone 5 with a few cosmetic modifications. You sometimes wonder if Apple is doing this on purpose to inspire the spendthrift in all of us. And yet, the iPhone 5S is not a mere copycat of its older version. The biggest difference between the two phones is the home button. The iPhone 5S has a metal-ringed home button, and it does not have the familiar square icon on it. This home button is actually a fingerprint reader called the Touch ID. To unlock your phone, you don’t need to tap in your PIN, all you have to do is to simply hold your finger over the sensor. It’s perfect for deterring snoops and busybodies. The phone has a 4-inch screen with a pixel resolution of 1,136 x 640, and image quality is excellent thanks to the Retina display.

3. Brand: Blackberry Z10
OS:     Blackberry OS 10
Price:  8,900 Baht



The Blackberry grows up and shows that it too, can change with the times. Gone is the physical keyboard. It has a 4.2 inch screen with a pixel resolution of 1,280 x 768, and the image quality is actually pretty good. It’s also quite thin and handy at 9.3mm. It has a Micro SD slot, but unfortunately it doesn’t support Micro SDs larger than 32 GB. Call quality is average at most—you’ll find that you have to speak up more if you’re using the Blackberry Z10 compared to when you’re using a Samsung or iPhone. All in all, this phone is great if you’re looking for a lower-priced smart phone.

All these phones are available at Truemove H along with special data and calling plans.

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